fredag 6 januari 2017

Broken Arrow within the American administration

“Broken Arrow” is a famous codeword used in wars when the enemy breaks through the defense lines. It's a famous codeword used when the defense lines has crack down and when the enemy is all around the place. The own status is also characterized by a confusing and irrational behavior. A status where no one really know what’s going on. A status where there is a lack of leadership, strategies and organization.

We know that the Russians hacked the American administrations computers and servers. We know that. We also know that there is a lack of leadership, strategies and organization within the American administration. We also know that the intelligence found foreign “computer code” within an American electrical power plant systems. Computer code that probably could make damage.

Based on what we know the situation in America more and more looks like a Broken Arrow situation. For me, the situation looks dangerous and the Americans should act from a Broken Arrow situation within their own administration. Not start to make internal domestic politics about it like the elected president is doing now on Twitter.

The elected president might have a plan. He might know exactly what's going on. Maybe he is in control of things. Maybe there isn’t a Broken Arrow situation. But that, we don’t know.

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